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There are many certification agencies such as PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors), SSI (Scuba Schools International) etc. all who run similar courses.

PADI tends to have the larger market share and so is the most internationally recognized.

Because of this we have based our course details on PADI courses.

You can still dive without taking a course and many operators offer Discover Scuba Diving programs. Also called Introductory Diving.


Please note that you should wait 24 hours before flying after diving, so please make sure you leave enough time in your schedule.


Learn to Dive (Open Water) Course

An Open Water course usually runs over 4-5 days. It can be done in 3 but we do not advise it, as it is very rushed and you really want to enjoy the course at your own pace.

Once qualified you will have a license for life, that will enable you to dive with other certified divers down to a depth of no more than 18m during the day. If you want to learn about night diving, deeper diving or other sorts of environments, you need to continue on to the Advanced Course. More Info >>


Advanced Open Water Course

This course is designed to help continue the education of the newly certified or not so experienced diver, and expose them do different environments such as night diving, deep diving, or different types of equipment and techniques such as search and recovery techniques and advanced compass navigation etc.

The Advanced course consist of 5 dives usually run over a 3 day 2 night live aboard trip.

The Adventure Diver course consists of 3 dives of your choice and can be run over a 2 day 1 night trip. More Info >>


Rescue Course

Up to this point your diver training has focused on preventing problems and handling problems you might experience yourself.

The next stage is broadening your perspective and considering the needs of other divers - that's what the PADI Rescue Diver course is all about. As a PADI Rescue Diver you'll learn to prevent and manage problems, sharpen your observation skills and help others avoid problems. More Info >>


Dive Master Course

Divemaster is the first level of the PADI Professional ratings. This elite qualification allows you to supervise recreational diving activities, either boat or land based, and to work as an instructional assistant on any PADI courses.

As a PADI Divemaster you will hold the minimum rating for employment in the Diving Industry. It is also the minimum pre requisite for enrollment in a PADI Instructor Course (IDC).

This course can take upto 3 weeks full time, or longer if internships are involved.

You will need 20 logged dives to enter the course and 60 to qualify, plus be a Rescue Diver or equivalent as a pre-requisite.

Contact us for more info


Instructor Development Course

The PADI Instructor Development Course is the gateway to becoming a professional PADI DIVING INSTRUCTOR. As the name indicates, this PADI instructor course emphasizes professional development and learning.

The PADI IDC develops the leadership abilities of individuals who already possess instructor-level dive theory knowledge and role model watermanship and rescue skills. The PADI IDC shows candidates how to implement and apply the PADI system in confined water, classroom and open water environments. Most importantly, candidates learn how to be confident at providing professional training that is fun but safe for all involved.

You will need to be a certified diver for at least 6 months, have 100 logged dives to sit the instructor exam, and be over 18 years of age and qualified as a Dive master (or equivalent) to take this course. More Info >>

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